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Creating balance in Mind, Body and Soul is more then a concept... it takes action, consistency and commitment! I'm happy to support you in this journey!

Event Bookings

Want to add a sound bath, yoga and/or meditation to your special event? Contact me!





“Malaika is the most motivating and passionate fitness instructor I’ve encountered. Each class is highly personalized and unique and makes for a great start to the day.”

~Lauren Cenicola

“She consistently does her very best. She cares about her clients and gives them a great work out every class. She is extremely well trained and versatile. Her music rocks the house down. She finishes classes with lavender on each person’s forehead (unless they have an allergy). She is truly inspiring, kind, and worthy of this honor.”

~Julie White

“Creates challenging classes that push me further than I think my body will go. She is extremely motivational and encourages me to do my best. Definitely an excellent instructor!”


~Sucharitha Sajja

"I had taken Malaika's barre and cardio classes at Exhale and after I got engaged I knew I wanted her as my personal trainer for the wedding. She challenges you but always in a positive and motivating way. I was never in better shape than after working with Malaika. If you are looking to be inspired in your fitness routine, definitely check her out!"

~Michelle Adinolfi

“She is incredibly encouraging and always changes up classes so one class is never the same. I leave sore from every class!"

~Danielle Giacobbe

"Literally the hardest workout ever. My heart rate was a solid 170 bpm basically the entire class. It kicked my butt, but I got a great workout in. Will definitely be back!"


"Malaika is the best instructor in Atlanta! Kicks my butt with a new innovative workout every time!"


"Wow can she teach all the HIIT classes please?! Her music was great and the Exercises were different and fun. She was super welcoming and actually took the time to ask people’s names, the other instructors have yet to do that and I’ve come a bunch."


"Tough and good variety of cardio, strength, functional moves. True HIIT!"


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