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Hey, I'm Malaika Floyd, (aka Flo) the founder of Flo+Vibe LLC,

and I'm a wellness coach based out of Atlanta, Georgia!

I use therapeutic movement and sound healing to empower women, professionals and abuse survivors, shifting them out of fight-or-flight daily demands and deep into parasympathetic state. This results in their increased focus, productivity and inner peace both at work and at the home!

By blending sound-healing, yoga and functional movement, I have had the honor of connecting with my clients on a truly holistic level. I offer over 14 years of experience to the fitness and yoga world both in Atlanta and in New York City. Leading with a mind, body, and spirit approach, I strive to guide my clients into living healthier and more balanced lives.

When focusing on movement, I can't help but incorporate techniques and skills from my professional dance background! Before diving into yoga and wellness, dance was my vibration! I traveled worldwide with numerous dance companies including the world-renowned Martha Graham Dance Company, the Metropolitan Opera, and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Many years of exploring movement, nursing injuries, learning anatomy, and an unending passion for this beautiful art form are the backbone of how I view and analyze movement!

Encouraging others to find consistency, focus and discipline are all at the centerfold of my mission, but I firmly believe that an intentional self-care regimen is just a crucial for true success and happiness. I left my professional dance career in NYC at 27 years old when my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Just 2 years later, due to the stress of caring for my mom I believe, my grandmother was diagnosed with both lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Being an only child caring for two of the most important people in my life taught me what it means to balance family, work and personal self-care. This is why I'm so passionate about sound healing, yoga, meditation and dance. These beautiful healing modalities have changed my life for the better! Despite anyone's lifestyle or circumstances, no one can truly thrive if they're lacking in the self-love and self-care department.


It is my mission and conscious intention to share what I've learned and impact the lives of others through healing movement and sound! With a touch of creativity, therapeutic movement, moments of deep reflection, and a lot of fun, it is my goal to help women, professionals and caregivers live their best lives from the inside out!

 Come and join me! I'm so excited to connect with you through movement and sound!


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